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Still unparalleled for its friendly tone, easy to follow instructions, and fun funky illustrations A Ten Speed Classic...

Title : Anybody's Bike Book: A Comprehensive Manual of Bike Repairs
Author :
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ISBN : 0898159962
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Ten Speed Press Revised edition April 1, 1998
Number of Pages : 256 pages
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Anybody's Bike Book: A Comprehensive Manual of Bike Repairs Reviews

  • M. J. Mccaffrey
    2019-11-07 23:33

    I've left Cuthbertson handy in my bathroom for the past 6 months. In that time, during spare moments, I've learned how almost everything on my bicycle works. It helped me immensely to break down the component groups into easily understood functions such as "drivetrain" -- and after all, why should understanding how a bicycle goes together be any more difficult than understanding how an internal combustion automobile goes together? When things get too ginchey, that seems to be the right spot for one of Morall's pen-and-ink sketches to show up. (My favorite is illustration 11-10, depicting the parts of a down-tube control lever, painstakingly sketched, and labeled as per the text as "thingamabob," "doodad," and "mounting bolt." ... Of course, the point was how fiendishly complicated such an arrangement can be.) The information is clearly presented, and differentiated among mountain, road, and "cruiser" bikes. I'll be moving the book down to my shop this week! :->

  • J. Pepoon
    2019-12-01 04:13

    This is my second copy of this great book.....lost the first one during moving. I am a returning cycler (Age 79) but remembered how informative and clearly written my first copy was. Cuthbertson knows whereof he speaks and more imptortantly knows how to teach others. In addition the drawings clearly show what the text is discussing. Great book, glad I replaced it! Money well spent.

  • Mel
    2019-12-01 03:12

    Good book!

  • Bill S
    2019-12-02 02:21

    This book is his revised edition. I have found it understandable and comprehensive. The author writes with humor and with a basic bike owner's ability in mind. Not too complex, but inclusive enough to repair and maintain your bike.

  • Douglas D Gossard
    2019-12-06 01:14

    good book, great service.Thanks

  • Kevin B
    2019-12-04 23:16

    The best how-to bicycle maintenance manual ever written, and it's funny too!

  • Pinocchio Cozad
    2019-11-19 01:11

    looking to start doing your own repairs? you've found the starter book. absolutely awesome and just what you need as a newbie.

  • Mark Ishmael
    2019-11-12 05:28

    This is a great book; it was the book that got me interested in working on my bicycle way back in the 70's. I love the drawings and the verbage. This is not the super-techincal book you buy for becoming the master mechanic on your highly-tuned road racing machine; ratherly, it's the book you have around to answer simple questions or to loan to some kid on the block to help them fix their bike. For that it's the best, somewhat like Mad Magazine meets the Zen of motorcycle maintenance.