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The most difficult questions of sustainability are not about technology they are about values Answers to such questions cannot be found by asking the experts, but can only be resolved in the political arena In The Local Politics of Global Sustainability, author Thomas Prugh, with Robert Costanza and Herman Daly, two ofthe leading thinkers in the field of ecological economics, explore the kind of politics that can help enable us to achieve a sustainable world of our choice, rather than one imposed by external forces.The authors begin by considering the biophysical and economic dimensions of the environmental crisis, and tracing the crisis in political discourse and our public lives to its roots They then offer an in depth examination of the elements of a re energized political system that could lead to the development of sustainable communities Based on a type of self governance that political scientist Benjamin Barber calls strong democracy, the politics is one of engagement rather than consignment, empowering citizens by directly involving them in community decisionmaking After describing how it should work, the authors provide examples of communities that are experimenting with various features of strong democratic systems.The Local Politics of Global Sustainability explains in engaging, accessible prose the crucial biophysical, economic, and social issues involved with achieving sustainability It offers a readable exploration of the political implications of ecological economics and will be an essential work for anyone involved in that field, as well as for students and scholars in environmental politics and policy, and anyone concerned with the theory and practical applications of the concept of sustainable development....

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The Local Politics of Global Sustainability Reviews

  • Casey2U
    2019-11-27 23:55

    This book is a quick read, essentially an application of Barber's Strong Democracy treatise to the idea of sustainable development. It defines sustainable development as the reorientation of the economic system to accommodate inherent natural limits on energy use, waste sinks, etc. The authors point out there may be many different paths humanity may choose into the future: increasing maldistribution of resources or increasing global equity; increasing loss of biodiversity or reduced destruction of the biosphere; a bleak and degrading future or a more promising one. They posit that a move towards a strong democratic structure, with wider and deeper participation in the political system, would be a crucial step towards a more promising future.

    2019-12-02 01:51

    This book could eventually be one of the most important ever published within the environmental community if it encourages environmental activists to shift their approach from confrontation to "principled" negotiation. Environmental activists for most of the past thirty years have tended to confront their adversaries using "hard" negotiation as described in Getting To Yes by Fisher and Ury. This was the style implied by Herman Daly's early writings.