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The Syrian uprising is a cynical US engineered plot using provocateurs, mercenaries, Wahhabi fanatics, corrupt NGO s and the global media The US, NATO and the feudal emirates are out to smash this independent Arab state that spends on human welfare and refuses to surrender to Israel The US and Saudi financed plot turns on the tactic of Countergangs Terrorists mercenaries and irregulars, the CIA foreign legion shoot both demonstrators and police, blow up buildings, massacre innocent villagers and then blame the carnage on the targeted government NGO s like NED, the National Endowment for Democracy funded by US State Dept, Geo Soros, Ford Foundation etc promote activists, whose leaders are ambitious sociopaths, eagerly carving out a piece of the carcass for the moment the state is brought down The corporate lapdog media, cogs in the military industrial complex, lap up and magnify the Big Lie, creating a fake reality that the average person has little chance of seeing through Subverting Syria reveals how the crusade to destroy Syria follows tactics explicitly set out in the Pentagon s Unconventional Warfare Manual fund NGO s to create a climate of protest in the target country provocateurs organize demonstrations, then fire on protesters and security forces alike to stoke violence staged and mislabeled video footage creates the illusion of repression mass media endlessly repeat the Big Lie that the nation s leader is a brutal dictator killing his own people Give a dog a bad name and hang him invade border towns with special forces death squads, the CIA Foreign Legion of Al Qaeda psychopaths, fanatics and guns for hire fabricate pretexts for military intervention by the UN, or NATO bomb the country into the stone age, to be conquered by NATO s Islamic terrorist puppets eradicate Arab socialism and government for the people, replacing it with a corrupt clique beholden to Wall Street and London bankers isolate Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Iran, giving free rein for Greater Israel to dominate the Middle East US corporations write multi billion dollar contracts for reconstruction and security Subverting Syria shows how wars are engineered by manipulation of the kinder instincts of mankind, hoodwinking and harnessing pacifist and leftist forces entrapping them in the service of mass murder and the global dictatorship of the money power....

Title : Subverting Syria: How CIA Contra Gangs and NGO's Manufacture, Mislabel and Market Mass Murder
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ISBN : 1615775579
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Language : English
Publisher : Progressive Press September 11, 2012
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Subverting Syria: How CIA Contra Gangs and NGO's Manufacture, Mislabel and Market Mass Murder Reviews

  • Anthony
    2019-11-15 23:19

    Great book if you want to understand some of the tactics used by

  • T. S. Rockwell
    2019-12-01 18:22

    Unfortunately, I don't have the time to really give this book the review it deserves.

  • D. R. Edmond
    2019-11-23 19:30

    A very informative and well articulated piece of work.

  • Rouge
    2019-11-20 23:11

    Hard hitting well researched and stark reality laying bare the 'awful truth' concerning Oil, Gas and Pipeline superiority in a World up for grabs by the powers that be. The few final Sovereign countries with no Central Bank are under the gun, literally.

  • Jay Trout
    2019-11-16 00:32

    This timely ebook is my first introduction to Tony Cartalucci and his blog, Land Destroyer. How glad I am to have stumbled upon this highly informative, well-written report. Cartalucci skillfully deconstructs the main-stream fables leading to the sad explosion of violence in Syria (and elsewhere).